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Leonardo Barnetche


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Leonardo Barnetche arrived in USA in 1999 at the age of 21. In few years he positioned himself as a district manager of a renovation and design company with an exclusive contract with Home Depot. His work with homeowner, and designers open a path to the his real estate career.
After a few years as a Realtor, and Mortgage Broker. He became a power broker with personal relationship with developers in the area of Fort Myers, Orlando and Miami selling their inventory and managing buyers’ bulk acquisitions.
The unique experience of a decade of negotiation residential and commercial drove him to open 7 Group Realty, Inc. An elite real estate company in South Florida focus on client’s need and personal relationship.
Mr. Barnetche caters an international clientele and has extensive knowledge of foreign and domestic market conditions. His superior attitude, culture and performance create superior results in all facets of the real estate experience. His strong financial acumen and awareness of market trends allow him to present the most beneficial real estate opportunity to his clients.His knowledge not only came from years in the real estate business, but also from relationship with colleagues and his personal commitment for education.
He has been a member of the Real Estate Association of Great Miami and Beaches(RAMB), and National Association of Realtors(NAR) for more than a decade.
He is certified as a REO Specialist , and residential buyer’s agent.He obtained an Associate Degree in Legal Studies and was inducted as a honor member of the National Association of Paralegal Society.
He is committed to assist buyers and sellers in all stages of the real estate transaction, so they can enjoy the happiness of being called homeowners.

bus card photo - CopyVictor Hernan Suarez

Realtor associate

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phone: 786-306-5433

Victor Hernan Suarez is a real estate agent working for the prestigious company “7 Group Realty”. Victor’s devotion for real estate properties started early in his life, since childhood he loves to go to different houses just to see how they look in the inside.His dream was to buy properties to build houses and buildings of apartments to sale. At the age of 13 he initiated his career studying design in a technical high school back in Argentina where he graduated. Then, he studied 2 years of architecture in a university before he moved to US in 1999 at the age of 22. During his years as a student he was constantly reading books related with real estate. In the USA he started right away in a corporation of property investors, becoming an important member in the company at the time of buying, marketing and selling properties as well as inspecting their condition before buying. He arise his position to senior project manager and then CEO in the company For the purpose of getting extensive knowledge, he started working part time as a loan officer for a few years providing property loans for many families and investors. Not much later he started investing in several properties on his own to rent out or rehab and sale.

Nowadays, Victor continues to further educate himself reading books and taking real estate and marketing courses improving his skills in this competitive business. With a distinctive passion for his career, devotion and experience, he is working with investors and families on a personal level helping them with their decision at the time of buying or selling one of the most important investments of their life, their real estate.

New PictureCecilia Kremnitzer

Realtor associate

Email: ckremnitzer@hotmail.com

phone: 305-546-6632

Cecilia Kremnitzer was born in Argentina where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in marketing. In Argentina, she always worked in the construction industry. Since she moved to Miami she was involved in real estate. In the beginning it was a personal need:to find her own home. By searching her home she learned about Miami, different areas of the city and its condominiums. Her interest for the property market increased until finally she got her real estate license. As a real state professional she is in constant training to be up to date with the market trends and newest tools to help clients make the right decisions.

As a foreigner herself, she specializes in assisting other newcomers in renting or buying in Miami. Cecilia is convinced that the basis of this business is forged in long-term relationships based on trust between the parties. She’s always looking for the best opportunities to assists her clients in buying, selling or renting a property, whether to find a home or to invest.

Ronald Castillo

Realtor associate

Email: ronnie.myrealtor@gmail.com

phone: 305-502-5139

Ronald arrived in Miami in 1987 when he was an adolescent, and has seen this city grow and transform through the years. He has witnessed Miami become a World Icon, a desired vacation destination, and for many of us, HOME.

He started his Banking career in the year 1991, and quickly learned and realized that the secret of any successful business was providing exactly what the client needs and wants. He escalated the ranks in the banking industry, and with every step forward, he cemented the original realization and combined it with excellent customer service and professional delivery.

As a Bank Branch Manager, one of his many concerns is that his clients are both, happy and improving their financial health. He interacts with business owners and consumers alike and learns information from both sides, this gives him a deeper understanding how the local market is behaving.

He understands how vital it is to listen to his clients to identify their goals. More often than not, these goals include the purchase of a new house, or an improvement of an existing one. With his financial knowledge, experience in negotiations and acquired contacts, he has been providing solutions and ideas to many clients, and in the process, creating relationships based on trust and honesty. He enjoys meeting with clients, he understands their goals and helps them create a path to reach those goals and he does it in comfortable, open and professional manner. The quality of customer service he provides has earned him many recognitions, both on the individual level as well as for the team he leads.

He trained extensively on consumer credit and was certified in Small Business Lending. He is also licensed in Life Insurance and Fixed Annuities. These certifications help him provide a more comprehensive solution for his clients, as he is able to help on different aspects of a transaction. Real Estate industry allows him to utilize all his knowledge of the local markets and his acquired skills to negotiate the best possible scenario for his clients, as he has been doing for several years.

In his free time, Ronald enjoys spending time with his family. He likes to educate himself about the different neighborhoods in the area by visiting and exploring. He really enjoys life in South Florida.

Alvaro M Alvarez

Realtor associate

Email: onetrustedagent@gmail.com

phone: 786-659-2867

Alvaro Alvarez was born in Nicaragua having migrated to the US at the age of 7. He holds an AA Degree from MDC, a BS Degree in Professional Administration from Barry University and an MBA from FIU. He is currently one of the owners of Fortuna Title Insurance Agency Inc; his prior career was as a banker in which he oversaw several branches. Mr. Alvarez is an adjunct business professor at MDC and bring a lot of financial experience to help you in all your real estate needs.

Noelia Suarez

Realtor associate

Email: noeliarealty@gmail.com

phone: +54-9-11-2471-1177 (Argentina)

Noelia Suarez was born in Buenos Aires; Argentina. She has been involved in the real estate industry since 2009, her experience on corporate image and communication allow her to work among the most prestige developers in South Florida representing national and international clients. Her strong work ethic and hard work made her a top broker among her colleagues.

Volney Cortes Realtor Miami Dade Fort Lauderdale Weston Broward Real Estate agent South Florida

Real Estate Agent Miami Broward

Volney Cortes

Realtor associate

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phone: 239-699-2008

Honesty, my # 1 rule. My #1 goal, meet my clients objectives and expectations purchasing, selling or renting their home, apartment, commercial, or industrial property. Servicing Miami Dade, Fort Lauderdale, Broward, Weston, Davie, Sunrise, Cooper City, Miramar, Coral Springs in South Florida.